Facade Matching Program

Property owners or individuals renting buildings in the Historic Commercial District of Downtown Alexander City can apply for match grants of up to $5,000 to improve the exterior structure & appearance of their building.



Facade Match

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Boost Program

Application Guidelines & Checklist
Make sure you read and understand the grant guidelines before you apply. For questions or additional information, contact Main Street Alexander City at 256-329-9227 or by email at bresmithdowntownac@gmail.com.

Verify you are requesting an eligible proposed use of BOOST funds. The grant review committee reserves the right to determine eligibility & conformation to applicable goals, policies and procedures.


Eligible uses of funding include:


Business Equipment


Interior/Exterior Renovations

Special Events/Promotions


Ineligible uses of funding include:

Rent, Lease or Mortgage Payments

Rental Deposits & Utility Bills

Late Payments, Interest, or Fees

Medicine, Alcohol, or Tobacco Products

Salaries / Debts

Services or Work Already Started


Applying – Applying businesses must be a member of Main Street Alexander City and be located inside the Historic Retail District. Submit one fully completed application with supporting documentation and attachments. Applications must be received by the stated deadline with supporting documentation to be considered.

Provide as much information relevant to your request, as possible. Detailed applications will be favored. If your business/organization uses a website or Facebook page, please include the link in your application. You are also encouraged to include photos related to your request.

An estimate, quote, purchase order, or other documentation from the project vendor or service provider is required.

Shop Local Preference - When possible, use local vendors and suppliers. Funding requests using local providers will be favored unless the items/services being purchased are not available locally. In order of preference, when not local, Alabama suppliers and USA made products will be given preference.


Other Important Grant Information

BOOST Grant applications are typically accepted and awarded quarterly. The BOOST Grant Review Committee reserves the right to award grant funding more or less frequently during the calendar year. Your business/organization is ineligible to apply if you were awarded a BOOST Grant during the current calendar year.

If not previously awarded funding during the current calendar year, your business/organization is welcome to reapply for BOOST Grant funding each award cycle. Only one application per business/organization will be accepted each award cycle.

Applications are not carried over to successive grant award cycles and are only valid during the application cycle during which they are submitted. To be considered a grant award candidate, businesses/organizations must reapply each grant application cycle.

Disbursement of Grant Funds

Without exception, BOOST Grant funds awarded will be made payable to the vendor/service provider of work and/or services as specifically outlined in the submitted application. For supplies requiring online purchase, BOOST will issue a reimbursement upon receipt of a detailed invoice showing confirmation of payment. Items purchased or work/services started prior to the grant award date are not eligible for reimbursement.